About GabbiCat

GabbiCat is the effort of one guy who wanted to build something interesting in the social networking space. The GabbiCat platform has been built entirely on late nights, lots of coffee, some idealistic notions and a tremendous amount of support from my awesome wife and kids. It is funded solely out of my pocket on a shoestring budget and it is my hope that GabbiCat can be an example of just how much small teams can accomplish using today's technologies and very little money. You don't need big corporate backing and funding. You just need an idea, determination, and probably a little bit of luck.

If you like GabbiCat, please use it, use it often, and encourage others to use it. As with all social networks, GabbiCat's value is directly proportional to its number of users. If you have problems or feedback, please let me know via the feedback button at the bottom of every page. If you'd like to support GabbiCat even further, you can always donate a few bucks via the donation button on the Contact GabbiCat page. Finally, if you have an interest in working together with GabbiCat, drop me an email (also available on the Contact GabbiCat page).

It's my hope that you are able to find some usefulness and entertainment with GabbiCat. I realize there are other sites out there that provide similar services, and I think that's great. It's not necessarily my intent to try to compete with these organizations, but if you do choose to use GabbiCat over other similar services, you have my gratitude. Also, you can celebrate that you're using a product built entirely in the USA (unless, of course, you're not American...but you can still celebrate anyway)!

Happy Gabbing!

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